Monday, February 23, 2009

New Items!

Hello there, new writer here speaking :D
A short introduction - I'm Lambchop-san, a horrible overspender on Pet Society and a Photoshop slave in real life (:

Anyway, back on topic - have you seen the latest items?

Supposedly inspired by a carnival theme, these new items sure look pretty swanky.. Lambchop-san simply adored the cute little koala!

And here are the items limited to this week only, get them before they are gone!

Lambchop-san wants that mask, oh sure I do..

Signing off,

Friday, February 20, 2009

New GMB Items!

I just notice that pet society had new GMB items.. I hope i'll find one ... the new items are : Jester Doll, Swirl Goggles, Golden Half Mask.

I Know it's hard to find, So the trick is,BUY LOTS OF GMB's :D
Okey. That's all. I'll see for more updates next time :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Items 02/16/2009






Friday, February 13, 2009

New Gmb Items

I have found out a thread about the new GMB items ;D
i have gotten the stainless steel toilet ! [=
it looks nice in your bathroom ,
so , BUY THE GMB NOW ! [=
maybe you are lucky to get two laptops o.o
hahaha, im still finding for laptop and mobile ^^v
happy searching !
Hugs & Kisses ,

The whole issue of rep

I am sure we all know by now that the moderators of PS forum had made the decision to abolish the reputation system entirely. And I think most of us know why - people are totally abusing it for their own benefits.

Nobody should ask for rep - and yet you see people doing precisely that.

Neither should they buy/sell rep - but you see people offering their "services", a rep for each bump they make for threads in the trading forum.

Rep should not be made a condition - but recently there is this disgusting person who held a contest giving away [insert item] but winners only qualify if they'd given him rep. In addition they must be poster #100, etc. Therefore everyone in the range of 90-110 would have repped him.

Also, there are those who hosted giveaways to "collect" rep, then they go to the trading forum and scam people big time. People will think, it'll be safe to send to this person, with high rep count. Which brings us to the issue, rep is not supposed to be used to evaluate how "safe" it is to trade with anybody. But it is inevitable that people will use it as a basis of evaluation anyway. And THAT, is the reason why we're losing this rep system.

But it was the moderators who made the decision. Did they listen to us? Did they ask us, the forum members ie the general public, for our opinions? I don't think so ... they must have known there would be a big uproar. In fact, there IS a big uproar. Just look at the forum. It is understandable why.

Honest traders, genuinely generous santas .... most of us worked hard to get our reputations. For a handful of miscreants we are losing the results of the blood and sweat we put into the forum. The rep system is a symbol of our trustworthiness and/or generosity. It is given, as Pinkbamboo said, to reward someone for a good trade/good job. How will we know, in the future, who are these shining beacons of light?

Someone suggested visitors messages. It is true we still have those ... but there is a big flaw where visitor messages are concerned. They may be edited. They may be deleted. They, in short, do not convey the whole truth.

Many are distressed about this rep issue. Someone created a poll on whether or not to keep the rep system. But .... it is no longer to be found. It must've been deleted =(

Call me pessimistic, but I do not think we could shake the mods' decision. I hope I am wrong, but I doubt it .... So let us all mourn together for the loss of the sweet messages attached to our rep, and all it represents.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New items Feb 8/9,2009

Hello Pinkydoo here ;D
Let me update some screen shots on the new valentine items XD
Buy as many 'This Week Only' items ;D
Picture Credits ; Playfish Forum

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Valentine Items in GMBs!

As is common knowledge, every week new items are released in MBs (Mystery Boxes). The idea of mystery boxes are relatively new, but was such a hit that it has been made a permanent addition, with new items every Thursday/Friday.

So this week, the upcoming Valentine's Day warranted valentine items for the pleasure of attached pets, or single pets pretending to be attached, or single pets waiting to be attached, and all their owners, to try their hand in procuring the items for themselves by buying GMBs by the truckload. Items sought after are as follows:

Golden Heart Balloon!

Love Heart Lava Lamp!

Love Heart Candle!

These items has much potential to be displayed in a valentine room, with a table covered with 5 course meal and candles. Perfect setting for a romantic dinner! =)

P.S. Incidentally, there is a Valentine's Competition going on here and there are MANY good printscreens of pets houses decorated for Valentine's Day! Very interesting browsing even if you're too lazy to redecorate your pet's house so soon after CNY (like me :P)

Friday, January 30, 2009

New this week (30/1)

The new items in the GMB box !!

Personally I don't like the samurai helmet and the nuclear rug.

The rug looks like a toxic barrel melted XD

My pet however loves the squitty, but not as much as she loves her oxes!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year house!

Let me show my pet's little beautiful house. This was how she decorated her house during Chinese New Year.

This is her first room where she entertains her guest.

Her kitchen filled with items

Her bathroom

Her bedroom

Her study room

The entertaiment room

Friday, January 23, 2009

New Lion Dance Outfit!

For the impending Chinese New Year, Pet Society has released new clothing outfits suitable for the occasion XD

And they are .....

The lion dance outfit!


Comprising of 3 items: the lion dance hat, lion dance shirt and lion dance pants. When worn, the pet owner will be reminded of a lion dance performance (providing if the owner live in countries where CNY is celebrated) and will receive notes from other pet owners requesting to for the date and venue of performance by the aforementioned pet.

Please don't tell me I'm the only one receiving such notes.

I don't mean to complain but I've heard that the lion hat is so heavy, some pets find it hard to run races with it on, resulting with them losing the race. Though of course, it is unlikely that the weight (or lack thereof) of clothes will affect the racing speed, as naked pets have been known to lose races anyway.

And frankly the lion dance pants are rather redundant as they can hardly be seen when the shirt is put on. Just a small layer is visible if u look closely. Though why anyone would want to look closely, befuddles me. When your pet is wearing the lion dance shirt you don't have to let it wear pants at all because chances are that nobody would notice. If someone DOES notice and send u a message saying that your pet isn't wearing any pants, tell him/her to get a life.

A fool-proof way of seeking out those PS fanatics. Unless, of course, if they don't dare to point it out to you for whatever reason known only to themselves.

Okay I think I've crapped enough. For anyone wondering, the outfit isn't to be found in the stores. Has never been and will probably never be. They are to be found in GMBs, and are still available with no expiry date as of yet. Maybe they'll be permanent GMB items!

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